About Us

Xplore International is a registered non-profit making, non-partisan organization that seeks to share information of development sector to make people informed in our increasingly interdependent world. Through different means of Social Media, Xplore International brings opportunity to be up-to-dated about development sector for current and upcoming development professionals worldwide.

Xplore International offers an innovative approach to engaging the current and next generation of development professionals. Xplore International hosts ongoing information sharing platform which provides globally conscious development professionals with relevant information that trains them to be effective organizers and advocates for responsible development professionals. Xplore International then helps to people with whom they feel disconnected and who do not have access on information.

Xplore International has grown quickly, attracting attention of current and upcoming development professionals and local, national and international NGOs because it became common platform for development organizations and pioneer in “Web 2.0 and Social Media for Development” in Nepal. Xplore International was formally established in March 2008 by group of young people, though they entered in the field of ICT and Social Media from June 2007.


Well informed society with easy access to Information and Communication Technologies


Xplore International seeks to create a social and intellectual space, critical understanding of information literacy and prepares a generation of globally capable citizens for direct engagement with their expanding world.